Intiface Game Haptics Router

Latest Version: v4
Release Date: 2019-09-28
Repo: Github


win: exe

The Intiface Game Haptics Router (GHR) allows users to reroute rumble signals intended for gamepads or VR controllers to various sex toys. Using this method, many video games can be turned into intimate interaction environments, with some even allowing online, multi-player interaction.

Note: First video below is demoing an older version of the software, known as the “Game Vibration Router”. The functionality in the GHR remains the same, but the UI is slightly different, and due to updates in the game, Rocket League no longer works.


What games does the GHR work with?

A list of games that have been tested with the GHR is available on the Metafetish Forums. This list is updated by the community.

That said, for games to work with the GHR, they need to have one of the following features:

  • Uses XInput for Gamepad access and rumble. This usually means a game will say it is “XBox Gamepad Compatible”
  • For VR, it must use the Unity game engine.

Games that won’t work with the GHR include:

  • Any game with anti-cheat measures, which includes most online e-sports games and MMOs.
  • VR Games on Unreal or other engines.
  • Games on systems with strict virus scanners.

What Sex Tech hardware works with the GHR?

Currently, we can only work with vibrating hardware. This means the GHR does not yet support toys like the Fleshlight Launch or Vorze Cyclone. Support for this hardware will be coming in a future update.

Where can I get help and ask questions about the GHR?

Users that have questions about Intiface Desktop can get support in the following places: