Intiface Desktop

Latest Version: v19
Release Date: 2020-09-14
Repo: Github


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Intiface Desktop is an open-source, cross-platform application that acts as a hub for sex hardware access. It can be used with programs such as:

Intiface Application


Why do I need Intiface Desktop?

Intiface Desktop provides a way for applications to control sex tech hardware, via the Buttplug Library. Some applications can and will embed Buttplug’s functionality, meaning Desktop is not always required. However, using Intiface Desktop means these applications are not required to upgrade when Buttplug or Intiface does, so with our backward compatibility guarantee, those applications should work (possibly with new hardware that didn’t even exist when the application was written!) for as long as this project exists.

In the future, once Intiface Services are online, Intiface Desktop will also work as a portal for sharing hardware control with other users. There is currently no ETA for this functionality, mostly just hopes and dreams at the moment.

How does this work with the Buttplug Server software?

Intiface desktop is a replacement for Buttplug Server. As of the release of Intiface Desktop, Buttplug Server v0.2.3 and all prior versions can be considered obsolete, and will no longer be guaranteed to work with new programs involving the Buttplug Library.

How can applications connect to Intiface Desktop?

Intiface Desktop allows for other applications to connect via:

  • Insecure websockets (ws://)
  • Secure websockets (wss://)
  • IPC (Named Pipes on Windows, Unix Domain Sockets on MacOS/Linux)

Do I need to set up a secure certificate?

Some applications require a secure certificate to communicate with Intiface. These are usually applications written using web technologies and accessed via Web Browsers, like Playground and Syncydink.

If you are using Google Chrome and connecting from a web browser on the same machine as Intiface Desktop, you do not need to set up a secure certificate to use these applications with Intiface. You can simply use the “Insecure Websockets” server option, and connect using ws:// in the application.

If you are using Firefox or are connecting to Intiface Desktop from a remote machine (like a mobile phone), you will need to set up a self signed certificate. Intiface includes a way to do this during initial setup.

Where can I get help and ask questions about Intiface Desktop?

Users that have questions about Intiface Desktop can get support in the following places: